Blogging Tools


Nothing is as difficult as identifying the right blogging tools for growing your blog with several tools published every now and then. To help you out, we have compiled a list of tested and tried tools for you to launch your next blog or re-touch an existing one. While some of these tools are directly used on this blog, some others are used on our clients’ blogs based on their demands and what we feel is best for their niches.

Let me challenge you with this simple question, do you fully know the right tools for building and developing a profitable blog? Can you count the important ones? I know you are either counting your fingers in an attempt to list the ones you know, or you’re simply scratching your head to show that you have little or no idea.

Whichever category you fall to, here, we’ll give you the needed groups of blogging tools.

To ensure that you determine which is for this and that, we have divided these tools into WordPress tools, Blogger tools, and General Tools.

Check them out below…

General Tools

These blogging tools cut across several blogging needs and are not specific to any blogging platform, though some tend to tilt to a particular platform than the others.


Your long walk to blogging pinnacle begins with deciding the hosting platform to use for your blog. There are many hosting platforms out there, I probably advise that you use WordPress Self-hosting. If your blog is running on Google Blogger or you intend to do so, then you don’t have to worry about choosing the right host.

On the other hand, if you plan to use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress on a self-hosting platform, then you need a reliable hosting company that will guarantee success. In the light of this, Bluehost, SiteGround and Hostgator are the top companies that provide quality and tailored hosting services for starting a blog.

Domain Name

Before hosting your blog, you will be required to acquire a domain that will uniquely identify your blog on the internet. Choosing a domain that suits your blog can sometimes be very complicated, but with the help of domain providers, you can easily get one at an affordable price. Namecheap and GoDaddy are the top providers of domain names.

You can transfer, search, buy premium, or simplify use their suggestions as ideas for choosing the right domain name for your blog.

Keyword research

Every serious blogger who wants to rank high on SERPs and drive organic traffic to his/her blog know how important keywords are. With the right keys, your posts can rank high on SERPs and attract more readers who eventually become your subscribers.

For Long tail keywords, use LongTail Pro to easily find low volume keywords that will drive relevant traffic to your blog. With this tool, you can equally conduct keyword competition analysis to understand which keywords will be relevant to your niche. Alternatively, user Keyword tool Pro.

Finding the right keywords isn’t enough, you’ll need to dig deeper to see how your competitors are faring with similar keywords in order to plan your post to outsmart them. Deeper competitor analyses grant you the secret to success. Use SemRush to check the keywords those in your field are ranking on.

Content developers

Blogging requires creating and developing quality contents. This can sometimes be hectic due to the fact that there are other things you need to do to keep your blog booming. It becomes tighter when the time is not smiling at you. During such times, you’ll need the touch of an expert content developer to create good posts for your blog, albeit are at a cost. The advantage is that you’ll channel efforts on other areas to speed up things.

On this, I’ll recommend our authors – BV Authors. These are the same authors that have been publishing the very posts that have taken this blog thus far. Also, they create posts, espceially pillar posts for our projects in setting up monetised blogs for our clients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Request for an Author Now!” style=”flat” color=”warning” align=”left” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bloggersvibes.com%2Fauthor-request||”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Alternatively, you can order for a freelance writer from Freelancer or Elance to get your job done.

Content Editor

Yeah! Humans are genius and good at checking contents for errors, but they are subject to stress, fatigue and pressure. At that moment when concentration feigns, you need a third eye to look at your contents and ensure that all the Ts are crossed and all the Is are dotted. You can hire an editor to edit each of your blog post before publishing. But you can go further by using a grammer editor like Gramarly. Grammarly does not only check for spelling errors, it edits semantics, wordiness, collocations, cliches, and most importantly, pliagiarism. Some of the features of this tool are available for free.


If you’re new to analytics, then you’ve been missing so much on how to grow your blog. Analytics provide a better way to understand how your blog is perfroming, what visitors like, which post is not delivering the expected output, and many more. This will help you to make positive decisons on how to improve your failing posts and boost your blog generally.

The number Analytics Blogging tool is Google Analytics which features excellent interface for carrying out indepth analysis of your blog – visitors, user agent, time of perfromance, entry and exit pages, goals, etc. Google go as far as giving recommendations for improving your blog based on the analytics’ results.

Equally, Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram integrate analytics with vital stats for your use. This is most useful when you advertise on these platforms using their ads features and plans.


Ads are one of the ways of making from your blog. You advertise the product of a company on your pages and get paid for impressions (RPM) or clicks (CPC). This is quite different from direct adverts where you’re paid directly for the space used up. In this case, third parties serve up adverts as you allocate and you get paid.

Google AdSense is the most popular in this category, but Mediavine fares better in terms of payments to advertisers.


Aside advertisement programs on your blog, you can earn money through affiliate programs either directly or through networks. It’s simple, identify a product, recommend to your followers and get a commission when they purchase the product. There are several affiliate programs and networks, but we recommend the following:

Email list Building

So, what do you do with the visitors to your blog? Do they just read your posts, use resources and zoom-off to come again the next day and repeat the same itinerary? No!

You definitely want to turn them into subscribers who remain loyal and patronise your services, and that begins with getting their details, especially email when they visit your blog. You need to build an email list well-designed newsletter forms that attract visitors to submit their email addresses.

MailMunch and MailChimp provide excellent solutions for converting visitors to subscribers with their popup subscription forms and beautiful landing pages.

Email Marketing

You have an email list, what next? Reach out to them via custom and profit-driven emails to keep them visiting your site and patronise your products. You can send automated emails to manage responses.

Aweber and MailChimp are the top providers. Aweber does a nice job of providing email marketing guides for their clients and this covers how to draft profitable emails, choice of words, and overall layout.

WordPress Blogging Tools

WordPress takes the top position when it comes to CMS for blogs. It’s flexible, scalability and a large community of users and developers alike make it a top brand. There are thousands of WordPress Blogging Tools but not all can give you what you want. So, we have carefully selected some of the tools we’ve used, and are using to improve our blogs. Feel free to contact us for more insights on their performance or simply check some of our reviews.


To maintain uniqueness, harmony and beauty, you need a custom theme that meets basic requirements such as responsivenes, scalability, custom edits, layout designs, and color managment. This will help you fine-tone your blog to a desirable feel. There are quite a number of WordPress themes developers, but I see the cut in the following developers.


Plugins are useful in improving the functionality of WordPress and themes. They make development fasters and task complaetion completely amazing. Just like themes, there are several plugins for building your blog.

Visual Designer

Quick design and beautiful webpages and posts can easily be achieved with visual composer. One major one we’ve consistently used is WPBakery Visual Composer which allows you add and tweak page elements to you desire with its simple drag and drop feature. Create eye-catching CTAs, Landing sections, icons and many more

Payment gateway

In case you are selling products directly to your customers such as paid courses, digital products, or even physical products, you sure need a payment gateway to help you manage the transactions made by customers. WooCommerce excelently integrates different payment gateways such as PayPal and Square, you can, however, install any of these plugins separately for your use.


Build a store, create offers, add coupons, accept payments and present your products beautifully with an e-commerce plugin. Without much descriptive here, WooCommerce remains one of the best e-commerce plugin. Use it to manage everything commercial on your blog.


SEO is a broad field in digital marketing and only experts can achieve such goals by reliable on hard labour which we believe can be lightened by well developed SEO plugin. Though there are several of such plugins, at BV we se Yoast SEO to be the most relevant for our blogs. Not only will you get suggestions on improving the ranking of your posts, you become a better writer by observations these corrections. The result of using Yoast is immeasurable.

Site Security

protection is very key to saving yourself from trouble and escaping from the paws of hackers. Also, there’s the need to ensure the privacy of your clients and gain their trust. This requires that you secure your site from vulnerability. Site security doesn’t end with installing a plugin as there other things to do, but it does strengthen how information is access.

We’ve been using some security plugins like succuri and Akismet, but recently change to one that gives us all the security features we need in one place. This plugin, All in One WordPress Security (AIOWP), covers protection against varied levels of attack by using firewalls, scanners, files management and login control features to protect your blog. Surprisingly, it is a free tool. you can choose to appreciate the authors for their job welldone by making donations.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are useful in converting leads and triggering sales whether as an affiliate or a sales blogger. With well designed, responsive and beautiful design, Thrive Leads takes the lead in helping you achieve this goal. Build, integrate, and capture leads with a robust analytics available for your use.


To manage how visitors become members in your blog use a membership plugin, especially one that can manage membership levels according to subscription plans. This allows you to determine what services a particular member can access based on the plans. Use Ultimate Member plugin which has full support for bbPress, MailChimp, and WooCommerce.


Communities are a better way of building interaction among users of your services and products. Just like a forum, questions on challenges encountered can be asked and answer by members. Some blogs integrate communities to keep users engaged. If you intend to build a community, the use bbPress or buddyPress to build your community. This is especially useful when you create online courses.

Affiliate management

If you’re into any affiliate program, it’s advisable you manage your links effectively to ease your workload. For example, you can search for products and get tips on deals to help you make the most of the program. Long URLs get shortened and appear neatly.

For Amazon affiliate program, use the official Amazon Affiliate links Builder to tidy your links and achieve more. you can go a step further if you’re using several affiliate programs to use ThirstyAffiliates to manage all your links for nicer inclusion in your posts and pages.


Running online courses requires a Learning Management System Plugin that will provide all the features for delivering these courses to your customers satisfactorily.

When learning becomes fun and compliment with joy, understanding increases

LearnDash is the number plugin for online courses. You can create quizzess, monitor performances, gives badges automatically and presented certificates for successful completion of courses. If LearnDash is too expensive, then go for LearnPress.

Blogger Blogging Tools

It’s quite easy to use blogger. Installing templates and gadgets does not require too much of a fuss. You decide might decide to build your own tools if you have the coding skills, download one of the numerous templates out there or go for a premium template to give your blog a unique design and look.

A few individuals and enterprises have done great in developing responsive, mobile friendly, fast loading, SEO-friendly and beautiful templates for others to use and the cost is less.

So, for blogger templates, Way2Themes and Gooyaabi Templates provide both freemium and premiums products to choose from.

Widgets are not common to get due to limited support, but MBT provides relevant gadgets and how to add them to your blog.


Let’s help You out!

You can imagine all you the tools you need and how much you will spend in procuring them to set up a profitable blog. Except you’re an expert or take that as a career, it’s quite difficult. But, we can help you build your blog using most of these tools while you think of others ways to make more money from it. With our flexible plans, you can start your blogging career immediately and on the right path.

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