Make Money Blogging: 15 Legit Ways to make money from your blog

Make Money Blogging: 15 Legit Ways to make money from your blog

What need is there to invest in your blog, if you do not reap enough dividends to make up for your expenses? It’s never a laughing matter to discover how great your loss has become. With that, you might silently be asking, is there ever a way to make money blogging? 

Those who have failed will tell you don’t venture into blogging. At such times, you might begin to disbelieve the numerous testimonies by other bloggers. Well, there are several ways, not just a way, you can make money blogging.

You definitely want to make enough money from your blog. This will allow you to make up for the time, money and resources you have invested in it. While some bloggers get richer blogging, others struggle to survive.

This might be because they are ignorant of the different ways to turn their blogs into an income stream.

Sure, you would have read a lot of things regarding how bloggers make their money. On one side, you are doubtful if this is real. On the other hand, you are already earning from your blog.

But you want more and as such need more ways of monetising your blog to increase your earning.

As a blogger, you don’t have to rely on one method of earning from your blog. The best approach is to utilise as many approaches as possible. In that way, you will often be assured of earning-security.

Should one fail to yield, one or more other sources will. That keeps your income flow steady and reliable.

Some bloggers are often sceptical of other sources, having relied on a particular method for a long time. There is nothing bad in trying out new things. Dynamism is part of blogging and you must seriously consider that too.

Gone are the days when everyone relied on Google AdSense to earn from adverts. Now, there are ad networks that pay higher commission for CPC and CPM. It’s all about trying out new ways to make money blogging.

The ways in this posts are not cock and bull stories. These are some of the methods I use on this blog and others I manage. You can choose to use all of these ways or simply combine most them.

Combining these excellently with proper implementation guarantees nothing but success.

Before I delve into how to make money blogging, let’s take a look at the relevance of quality traffic and contents. Without quality traffic, your blogging efforts will end up in the dust. You’ll toil without rewards and that isn’t what you crave for.


Quality traffic promotes earnings

Though there are a number of factors that determine how your earnings grow, quality traffic remains an important factor. In fact, it’s completely right to say:

How much you make from your blog is directly proportional to the volume of traffic your blog receives, provided other factors such as quality content, excellent digital marketing, and SEO remain constant.

Every now and then, you hear bloggers talk about Search Engine Optimisation and quality contents to rank high on SERPs. The reason is to increase the volume of traffic to posts. So, what’s the essence of driving traffic to your blog, if such traffic is not converted into earnings?

After all, you aren’t publishing posts for yourself – it’s for other people to read and access. So, if you want to make money blogging, think of ways to increase your blog’s traffic.

There are a number of genuine ways to do that which you must know and apply to your blog. Gear efforts towards increasing quality traffic and then use CTAs and landing pages to double your earnings.

For starters, your traffic might not be that high, but putting things in place will definitely make your blog’s visitors skyrocket.

One more thing before we rock on…

To Make Money Blogging, you need Several Strategies

This is a digital income stream that requires dynamism. You cannot rely, completely, on one income source to monetise your blog. Just like physical businesses, the more customers you have, the higher your earnings.

Take for instance AdSense, you cannot depend on this for your blogging efforts. AdSense can sometimes be funny with earnings, and Google provides several terms some of which you might ignorantly violate.

So what happens when you violate one of their terms and your account is blocked? Would you just keep doing back and forth with Google to re-activate your account?

What if it takes more than a week to do so? You will go on without earnings for the number of weeks your account is suspended.

That is just a case study on one monetising method. From that, it’s safer and advisable to understand and apply several earning funnels. While starting out, you might be confused at what method to apply.

But, understand that one method alone isn’t good enough for your earnings. To make money blogging, you must integrate several earning strategies that are not closely related.

This is what I actually mean, it’s a bad idea to combine AdSense with Mediavine. Both serve ads to visitors through advertisers. The same with affiliate networks. You, therefore, need to carefully select the one that suits your blog.

You can equally test-run and compare one method with another to determine which one yields higher.

By this, you will apply those selected methods that will maximise your efforts and guarantee steady income flow.

We are finally here …

15 Legit Ways to Make Money Blogging

These are tested and tried ways of how to make money blogging. While some deliver excellently with little effort, others simply require much work to make them yield. Similarly, some high-yielding methods require time to start paying off.

If you have a blog already, it’s a good thing to get started. Otherwise, learn how to start a blog with our Ultimate guide.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is a straight-forward method which requires you to promote products you’re using or have used to your clients (visitors). Here, you are the affiliate promoting goods offered by advertisers on affiliate networks.

It is a system by which you refer customers to a particular product using your tracking code. When the customer purchases any product via your link, the advertiser pays you a particular amount of money as commission.

While commission rates vary according to products and advertisers, they can be a reliable source of income for your blog. What matters is the products you promote. Also, the correlation of such products with the visitors your blog receives.

Starting out requires research on the best paying and frequently bought products, and the reliable affiliate network to register with.

One major advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can earn a huge commission if you do it rightly. Similarly, you are completely in control of the kinds of products to promote and refer customers and site visitors to.

These products can be physical products or digital products such as e-books, plugins, themes, videos, software, etc. There’s no basic rule for choosing what to promote, it all depends on what your blog has been built to achieve. If you’re running a fashion blog, then you can promote clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

Most networks demand that your earnings attain the minimum threshold before you can start withdrawals.

The good place to start your affiliate marketing earning stream is Amazon Associate Network. This is the affiliate network that manages affiliate programs for Amazon. Once you register with Amazon, you can then promote their products and earn commissions for your efforts.

Alternatively, you can join affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, and ShareAsale.

2. Direct Adverts

Direct Adverts or ads give cruise control on the advertisement pattern and models on your blog. You decide what to accept, reject, and how ads are rendered.

The good side is, you are in charge of the pricing system for the different categories and locations of ads. This affords you the authority to discontinue ads that aren’t performing well.

With direct ads, flexibility comes in when negotiating with your potential advertisers. Unlike third-party ads networks, you decide the cost per ad size, or lick and or duration. Links, banners, videos can be conveniently placed on your blog to this effect.

You become rest assured that your blog will deliver the expected marketing benefits to your clients. Some might contribute to the traffic of your blog. They can qually make recommendations to other advertisers who are not their competitors.

The downside of this monetising methods lies majorly with blogs receiving low traffic or blogs that are just starting out. This is because no advertiser would want to place adverts on a blog that fails to bring in huge marketing benefits.

However, this is something that you can easily overcome by optimising your blog via SEO tips, social media marketing, email marketing, backlinking, etc.

To get started with direct ads, gather the traffic data of your blog and publish that on a page so you can refer advertisers to it.  You might need to present data such as session, bandwidth, daily traffic, loyalty, domain authority, page authority, and Alexia ranking.

Having a rich information on your blog on a page like that will convince prospective advertisers to contact you for direct ads placing. You can equally reach out to marketers and industries.

3. Google AdSense


Once you think of how to make money blogging, the first choice is usually Google Adsense. You can easily set up an AdSense account and start placing adverts on your blog to earn from clicks and page impressions. It gets better when your blog receives huge traffic with high-yielding keywords.

AdSense acts as an Ad Network where publishers and advertisers get the chance to utilise available marketing opportunities to increase their earnings. As a publisher, Google helps to broker the agreement between you and advertising parties.

Unlike direct ads, you don’t have much control over the kind of adverts, even though you can make a few choices. The pricing system is equally out of your control. Google tends to make a two-way profit, both from you and the advertiser.

When ads placed on your blog attract earnings, Google receives a particular percentage as commission for brokering the advertisement process. This might sound dubious, but it isn’t since you don’t have to source for advertisers yourself.

One thing to consider in using AdSense is the numerous policies and rules. You can ignorantly violate these rules and cause Google to close your account.

Some great bloggers such Spencers Haws have had their AdSense accounts closed by Google without payment.  Such is a great loss you might not want to incur especially when you are making a living from the proceeds.

4. Other Ad Networks

Google AdSense is not the only ads network available out there. With the rate of technological improvement and digital marketing, quite a number of ads networks have emerged. Some of them with measurable benefits and performances you can tap into.

Whether you want to test-run or use some of these networks as full solutions, it’s worth giving it a try.

Some bloggers don’t use AdSense yet make enough money from ads placed on their blogs via third parties. Spencers Haws had to try out other solutions before settling for Mediavine as his main ad network that pays 80% of what AdSense previously brought in. This is a cool alternative you can try out.

However, some of these ad networks require that your blog receives huge traffic or sessions before you can apply. For instance, Mediavine demands that your blog records an average monthly session of 25k.

If you intend to use these ad networks which will definitely bring you profit, then you should first carry out the basics of increasing the traffic to your blog.

Aside from Mediavine, Media.Net, Chitika, and Propellerads are other ads networks that pay high, especially when you have great traffic.

The good side of these networks is that they offer flexibility on the choice of ads to place on your blog. This allows you to target ads from companies that will benefit your visitors and increase the click rate of ads.

5. Sponsored Posts

Not all marketers love using ads to attract customers. This is partly because the average internet user hates ads, including you. You hardly click on ads, especially those coming in the form of banners and skyscrapers.

To some, such ads are distractions or some sort of fraudulent efforts by fraudsters. Well, you can’t completely eradicate the fact that some ads can be fraudulent, hence the need for alternatives.

Publishing sponsored posts on your blog brings a number of benefits depending on your pricing system and the advertiser. They usually come in the form of the description of services, product or marketing opportunity offered by the advertiser. The advertiser, technically, writes quality posts to make visitors click a link to access a product or service they offer.

Depending on your copywriting skills, you might be hired to write the posts and earn additional income for writing and publishing on your blog. In publishing sponsored posts on your blog, the advertiser will have to choose the duration and position on your blog (sidebar, home page, featured posts, etc.). From there, you can decide how much to charge for publishing.

To monetise your blog via sponsored post, you have to convince marketers to use your blog. Just as in direct ads, you must have good traffic performance and command excellent followership. This will raise the confidence of marketers and give them the assurance of making returns when they advertise on your blog.

6. Product Review

You can also make money blogging via product review. It appears to be a two-way profit approach as you get to make extra income using and reviewing products from companies.

You can review any kind of product that falls within your niche and which you have a sound knowledge of. There are several companies and industries that hire expert bloggers to do a review of new or existing products.

First, you need to establish yourself in your niche and promote your skills via quality contents. Then, if you are good at a particular product or service, e.g. a software, physical product, etc., publish quality articles to convince marketers that you meet their requirements.

With this, you might earn living writing reviews on products for industries. Luckily, you will receive these products at no cost, use them and develop your review based on experience.

For starters, this might seem a no-go area, but that shouldn’t scare you off the balance. You can become a pro at product reviews within a really short period.

7. Coaching and Mentorship

Everyone loves the chance to learn directly from a mentor, especially having hands-on sessions. This fosters understanding, builds trust and confidence, and gives room to ask real-time questions.

In addition, one-on-one sessions help people concentrate better, even though corporate learning allows people to share ideas and discuss solutions.

One way of establishing one-on-one sessions with learners is via coaching and mentorship. People pay an attractive sum of money for coaching and mentorships systems that offer quality and tested strategies. While some coaching strategies involve using a physical location, many others are often virtual.

Virtual coaching systems can come in the form of coaching calls, live video chats, virtual tutorial boards and labs. The coaches provide the needed insight to the learner to overcome challenges and develop solution-models in a particular niche.

If you’re good at what you do and have innovative approaches that’ll keep people going, then you can make money blogging. Use your blog to set up a coaching or mentorship system.

This system will require learners to pay an amount for a given period to access certain solutions you provide. This will demand quality time management skills, especially when the number of mentees increases.

In some situations, you might need to bring in other coaches to cope with the student-coacher ratio. The more satisfied your students are, the higher the patronage and referrals you will freely receive from them. So, plan your coaching system to deliver the very best – Value for money.

8. Paid Membership (Recurring Income)

Not once or twice have I come across blogs with this monetising option or approach. Bloggers have found this approach to be sustainable and beneficial when compared to other systems.

Why you may ask? The answer is simple. The money keeps rolling in every month as you keep meeting the needs of your clients because they never stop subscribing or paying for what you offer.

Are you doubting this? Let me explain further. A paid member system allows you to prevent those who are not registered from accessing quality contents or services that you offer. This means that for them to access this contents, they have to register and pay a particular amount of money.

This membership is such that even after registering, you only access resources akin to the membership level you subscribed for. To have full access, clients will have to pay for the top pricing available on the system.

For sure, there are people who will afford this top-level membership, while other might just settle for the least or medium.

The good thing is the payment isn’t a one-off thing. To keep accessing the features of the systems, members will have to renew their subscriptions annually, semi-annually or monthly, depending on the subscription plans.

Certainly, members, even if not all, will subscribe to access the features of your blog.

Now, think of it this way. Every month you’re certain that members will renew their subscriptions to access the features of your blog, thus guaranteeing a repetitive (recurring) income system for you.

However, you will need to keep an eye on the overall control and management of the system. Ensure that members access these features as stated in the plans they subscribed to without bias. This will keep them satisfied and wishing to renew their plans when after expiration.

9. Make Money Blogging by Selling digital products

There are quite a number of digital products you can sell directly or indirectly on your blog to increase your earning. First, you have to set up a secure e-commerce system to remove the headaches of clients making real-time payments. Then, choose the niche of products you want to sell and develop a products’ page to advertise them.

Some of the digital products you can sell on your blog include:


One common digital product you can find on blogs is e-books. If you have the talent of putting together ideas into a book, then don’t hesitate. Write a really informational book and put up for purchase by visitors on your blog.

At first, it seems a less profitable and time-wasting monetising approach, but as your brand and popularity increases, people will want to read books you have written.

If writing a book from scratch will be time-consuming, you can sieve information from your top posts and arrange them into a great e-book that will benefit your readers and clients at the same time. Alternatively, hire a freelance writer to write a quality e-book that will be of value to your niche.

Either way, the goal is to get e-books available on your blog for others to purchase. But just as I stated earlier, it must be relevant to your clients and related to the niche of your blog.


Everything digital these days demands the use of a particular software to accomplish a goal or carry out a task. Softwares are available for a number of purposes. From home management to artificial intelligence.

It pays you if you have programming skills to develop a solution with these skills that people can really patronise and pay for. So, if you think of how to make money blogging, consider developing software.

Note that you can sometimes not have programming skills but have a map of the kind of solution a software can offer. Good! Engage a programmer to develop the software for you using the solution model you have developed. Pay him and own the product. Move on to get people to buy and use the software.

You can develop WordPress themes, plugins, frameworks, Google Blogger templates and gadgets, PC applications, apps for smartphones, and many others.


Videos can fetch you extra income if you do things right. You don’t need to set up a movies review blog to sell videos on your blog. So, what kind of videos can you sell on your blog?

Tutorial videos. Some of your trending blog posts can be converted into quality video formats and sold to people who prefer audio-visual contents for other content types.

This is very lucrative for DIY blogs where you often explain how to do a particular using a software. In this case, your clients will appreciate video tutorials that visualise what you are describing. Not only will they understand better, but they will also appreciate what you have taught them.

You can start now to create tutorial videos of your top posts and make them available for purchase.

I know you want to ask one common question – how do I do that? I have answered this way: do it yourself if you have the skills, otherwise engage an expert to create good videos for you at a particular amount. Be rest assured that you will get your money back provided you plan and implement this approach properly.


Are you blogging on a music niche or related one? Then you can sell music as a digital product. Once you have a nice collection of popular music with marketing licence, place that for sale where users can subscribe to download music of their choice.

This might not be a lucrative digital product as you can download any kind of music at no cost these days. However, your dynamism and innovation will convince people to patronise what you offer.


Quality graphics are becoming in-demand digital products on the internet. Bloggers contract graphics freelancers to design images that reflect the ideas on their posts, icons for web design, and infographics.

Also, a number of bloggers purchase pre-designed graphics for their blogs and pay a healthy amount of money to access collections each month.

It’s either you design or employ a graphics artist to design good images for you. Then, set up the collections and display on your blog for people to download after payment.

10. Sell physical products

Well, this way of making money with your blog is less considered by most bloggers. Yet, it’s a good way to make money blogging.  If you have a catalogue of physical products you intend to sell, then create an e-commerce page and advertise these products.

Once, people see the need for the product you sell and the delivery system, then you will get the chance to market products.

This is, however, a complex approach that demands lots of planning in setting up a physical store, authenticating payment and delivering the ordered products. If you think you have what it takes to start this profitable business, then monetise your blog right away.

11. Sell Online courses

The internet has opened up a whole new approach to learning. Learners can master almost any skill learning from the comfort of their homes using an internet accessible device.

To do so, they buy online courses of their choice and learn based on how the course has been set up. You can leverage this to sell online courses on your blog.

There are a lot of visitors who would want to learn in a virtual learning system on your blog to gain ideas and knowledge. Think of a collection of topics you can develop courses on and start right away. For instance, if you blog about lifestyle, you can create a blog on leadership and management.

Once again, you don’t have to be the one writing or creating the contents. A freelancer can be employed to take care of that. However, it’s profitable if you create the courses on your own.

Not only will you reduce cost, but your experience will also be richly enshrined in the contents. Develop as many courses as you can and let people buy to learn new skills

13. Premium Contents

This is similar to paid membership but has no subscription plans. All that a visitor needs to do is to make a one-off payment and gain access to premium contents and products your blog offers.

The contents and products can be videos, archived webinars or podcasts, e-books, articles, consultancy services, and other premium services your blog offers.

To do this, contents and products will have to be divided into two categories – one accessible for free or registration by everyone and the other category accessible after payment.

Be careful while categorising these products to avoid offering a less valued product or service for payment. That will definitely reduce customer loyalty and put a dent in your blog.

So, take the pain to put together quality products and contents on your blog. Then create a payment and premium system that will grant access to those who make the appropriate payments. This can sometimes be a recurring income system depending on how you develop it.

13. Private Forum

Forums are a good way of allowing people with varied understanding and experience share their knowledge.  Members of a particular group will benefit greatly.

Just like most bloggers, we love environments where we can chat about the things we do and get new ways of improving what we do.

Though a number of free forums, e.g. Quora, exist where information is shared, quality forums demand paid membership. For example, WikedFire and Warrior Forum are paid forums with rich contents on several niches that people subscribe to access.

You can also create a forum with highly intellectual persons to create discussion topics on technical issues that other members will appreciate. While some bloggers who create paid forums prefer recurring payment approach, few others consider a one-time payment.

Either way, you choose to run yours, all depends on your plans and what you want to achieve with the forum.

14. Run a paid Webinar

A webinar allows people to watch and partake in live online sessions where you offer tutorials on your desired topics. Just like coaching sessions, webinars are a great deal in knowing your audience.

While most webinars are for introducing concepts to subscribers, they are a good way of understanding the challenges they face that will improve your content development.

For instance, I might decide to host a webinar on SEO tips and tricks to help subscribers master SEO skills.

In doing this, questions and contributions will definitely give me ideas to create related SEO contents.

Once you are able to command loyalty from your visitors, think of hosting periodic webinars. You might want to start with free versions to give them a feel of what they will gain.

From there, plan and host paid webinars on technical topics they would like to garner knowledge on. Equally, host free webinars to keep them coming.

15. Earn from Podcasts

This is another lucrative way of profiting from your blog. A podcast system is one that allows visitors to listen to tutorials, insights, and ideas. This can be presented by you or by someone you have partnered with or employed to that effect.

Most podcast systems are recurring and address number topics with volume labels and chapters.

For example, I might start a podcast on SEO and name the first as Keyword Research Part I. I might continue with the same sub-topic using part II, III and so on.

However, these topics must uniquely address trending issues that will captivate the subscribers’ interest.

Using a collection of premium WordPress plugin and payment system, you can create and publish podcasts, and make money blogging that way.

Sometimes, some bloggers offer archived podcasts for free or at a subsidised amount for those who missed the live session.

This is equally profitable, but most people prefer the live podcast which affords them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers on-the-go.

Final Words

If you patiently read down this road, congratulations. You just laid your hands on a gold mine that will improve the way you make money blogging.

Whether you want to diversify or try out other solutions, any combination of these monetising methods will definitely bring you huge gains.

Many bloggers keep asking if they should stick with one approach. I have often answered no! Though you can make one strategy the main, technically introduce three to four methods and watch out for results.

This will keep you on the safer side in the event where one fails to deliver the expected yield or when your account is closed for violation of the terms of use.

Once again, your blog is not just for publishing articles. It’s a money-making system that you can develop to its full potential. To do this, you need to understand how the entire system works and apply the methods that suit your niche.

Before jumping into any of these monetising methods, draft your plan appropriately and comply with best practice.

Keep researching better ways of improving your blog and earn more from it.

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