Hot Blogging Topics: Top 12 Profitable Niche Blogs

Hot Blogging Topics: Top 12 Profitable Niche Blogs

So, you’re passionate about starting a blog and feel it’s a great way of making money online? Yes, blogging bring benefits but do you know the hot blogging topics to focus on?

Do you just turn on your laptop and start a blog on any topic you feel like and then expect huge returns? That is a costly mistake if you do so.

It’ll be very difficult to generate followers, even if you do, making your blog a profitable one becomes difficult.

Some bloggers have had to abandon their blogs after a while because of low returns. This is simply because their choice of blogging topics was wrong and I don’t think you want to belong to that group.

Blogging is dynamic and quite a number of things have changed recently, especially with what to write and how to write. If you have great ideas, you need to understand the problems people face.

One thing you should understand is that the so-called expert bloggers now once had similar problems. Only a few of them, who took time to research and got ideas from expert got it right.

This is not to say that choosing the right blogging  topic or niche is an explicit requirement for attaining blogging success. There are other factors such as horning SEO skills, developing quality contents, being an intensive researcher, having a basic knowledge of digital marketing, among other things.

However, it sets the pace for you to blog on the right topics that drive traffic and turns internet users on. Blogging, just like every other business, requires you to create what people need in a profitable manner.

Don’t see blogging as just creating what you like, but what will be of benefit to those who come in contact with what you create.

Solving others’ problems via your contents gives them the assurance that you have what it takes to lead them to greater heights.

While the hot blogging topics wait a bit, let me ask you a question again. What is the basis for your choice of a blogging topic?

Wrong reasons will include…

1. That’s what my colleagues are writing on

Though, having your colleagues create blogs on a particular topic could be a sign that it’s relevant, it can sometimes be the opposite. Bear in mind that you’re not just blogging for your friends alone. You equally want a larger percentage of internet users to utilise your resources by visiting your blog.

So what happens when what you create is not universally portrayed as being relevant?


You are off the grid! Your blog will carry the death sentence even before it goes to the internet ‘dock’ for trials.

Before making your choice on blogging topics, consider these 8 ultimate guidelines. They are relevant and comprehensively provide a template for choosing a profitable blogging topic for your next blog.

Guideline for choosing Blogging Topics or Niches

1. Find out what is trending. Use Google Trends, SEO tools, social media, and search engines to discover what others are searching for that will prove useful.

2. Research on the market or monetary opportunities available for that niche especially if your purpose of blogging is to make money. No serious blogger would go for a blogging topic that doesn’t bring returns.

3. Engage your existing followers, if you have a sizeable followership especially on social media. Social media groups are a better asset to discover what your followers would like to read on.

Throw out a discussion on their challenges, things they’re happy to search for on the internet, and if they’d loved to see you address those concerns. It’s a good starting point for building subscribers without starting.

4. Measure the niche size to determine the various sub-groups available. Larger niches have been found to attract more readership. One major reason for this is the various sub-topics that blogs can be created on.

5. Check the competition value which is a yardstick for determining the relevance of the niche. Blogging topics with higher competition value are easier to grow. The competition rate reveals demands on such niches by internet users.

6. Discover your passion to ensure sustainability. It’s quite difficult to relate to topics you aren’t passionate about. You might struggle and toil for years without making any headway.

When there’s a striking balance between passion and your work, success is attainable.

7. The long-term value of blogging topics will tell whether your blog will pass the test of time or simply fade after a while. Changes will come and the internet will shift to something new. During those transition periods will your niche still be valuable?

8. The benefit to visitors is the key to discovering new visitors and sustaining existing ones. If you write on topics that benefit only a small fraction of internet users, your growth will be limited.

The satisfaction readers derive from your blog is directly proportional to your blogging growth. The more satisfied readers are, the larger the growth you will record in your niche.

2. I just want to create a blog on that topic

This is another wrong reason for jumping into the blogging circle and grabbing any topic. You can’t just decide to create a blog on just any topic just because you want to do so.

Lessons from mistakes and failures of other bloggers have revealed the need to buckle up before jumping. Otherwise, it’s an open door to jump into the sea and get drowned in failure.

Except you don’t want to make a hit via blogging or even don’t want to have many subscribers. Let me remind you once again that the contents of your blog are not just for your use alone, but for the others also.

So, blogging topics must reflect the interest of your target audience.

Why you must choose the right blogging niche

Well, I can’t just jump into the hot blogging topics lists directly without enhancing your understanding of the need to choose the right niche. So, I will briefly highlight the reasons why you must choose the right niche. This is important because it gives you an edge.

1. Wrong topics while away time

If you’ve been there, you will understand what I mean. You invest hugely in your time to design, research, and come up with really good articles. Then, you discover that you just wasted your precious time.

Wrong niches do not attract readers and as such kill the morale and enthusiasm of continuing. This is very different from hot blogging topics that attract more readers, ignite interactivity and eventually lift you to a new platform.

Time is precious and as such must always be maximised. It’s new to hear people say blogging is time-consuming. That’s just the truth and can waste the whole lot of time you have if you blog on wrong topics.

It’s worth carats of gold to invest in something else that’s profitable rather than waste your time blogging to doom.

2. The wrong niche equals failure

Your blogging growth depends on the acceptability and followership of your blog. Just like me, you desire to record substantial success in your blogging career. Then, can that be achieved without the right blogging topic?

The answer is definitely no! You have to think of readership, then success.

I see how many bloggers struggle with getting traffic, attracting subscription to newsletters, and followership. Though, these achievements are decided by a number of factors such as SEO, digital marketing, content development, and email marketing.

However, the best combination of these factors will take you to little or nowhere without the right topic.

Of course, you are not blogging for robots or machines, but humans. People will want to see the relevance and applicability of your topics to their activities. In addition, they will want to see how contents help them solve problems.

Don’t forget, you need to choose rightly – wrong blogging topic equals to failure

3. Hot blogging topics bring huge monetary returns

With several ways to make money from blogging, competitive topics increase financial benefits. Help others solve problems, show them the way of doing things right and you’ll start reaping for doing so.

Though the level of financial returns differs, combining the right niche with other factors will bring huge returns.

That can be extra income to attend to emergency needs or full-time earnings to pay your bills, go on excursions, attend paid seminars and many more. This is most applicable when you take blogging as a full-time business and work.

4. Blogging on the right topics makes you a beacon

Not all bloggers do so for monetary returns. For instance, Bills Gates uses his blog, gatesnotes, to sensitise people on a number of things. With this blog, he covers issues on politics, mentorship, books, technology, and community response.

So, you can blog to enhance your public image by displaying your mastery of the chosen topic.

Creating a blog that rocks high due to the topic will easily make you a household name in the industry.

Whether you blog for returns, fame or to boost a brand, right ideas will attract many to you who will trust what you recommend because of the authority command.

Hot Blogging Topics to start a blog on

Finally, we are here! So much has been said on why and the relevance of choosing the right blogging topics.

I will not waste your time! You will discover the 12 hot blogging topics you can create a blog. You will make huge returns from these blogging topics.

1. Health Tips

Living a healthy life is something everyone craves for especially with the influx of life-threatening diseases across the globe. Many people search for information on how to prevent or respond to common health concerns.

Once they tap into useful blogs that help them overcome their concerns, they become glued to those blogs.

This is a comprehensive niche with several sub-topics which can be successfully written on. As a matter of fact, I do encourage aspiring health bloggers to select a sub-topic rather than go for the general health topic.

This is because health generally is comprehensive and as such, you can easily eradicate vital information that serves visitors well.

Blogs built around health topics are often lucrative, but not just anyone can jump into most of the sub-topics. Most of them require huge experience needed to provide the right solutions to visitors.

It becomes more sensitive when recommendations for treatment methods and medications are part of the blog.

Common health sub-topics you can successfully build on include:

Physical Fitness


Fitness experts will let you know how relevant physical fitness is to maintaining the overall health status of the body. Searches have shown that people across the world surf for fitness tips to keep themselves up and doing.

Though there are gym centres and professional fitness coaches, most people still prefer to read on less expensive fitness strategies available. This helps them to manage resources and time.

Herbal products and local medication

Pharmaceutical drugs are often expensive and too complicated to use. Though they remain the recommended medical aids for addressing most illnesses and health abnormalities.

Surprisingly some people are allergic to pharmaceutical. They somehow prefer guidance on the use of tested herbal products and local medications.

Herbal products are generally accepted as being effective and easily accessible. Medical organisations endorse their use in curing diseases such as hyena, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, etc.

Building a blog around this topic will be a major hit, but you must be sound in it, certified as a practitioner and have practical knowledge.

Pharmaceutical guides

This is similar to herbal products and local medication. The difference is in the fact that blogs on pharmaceutical guides focus more on standard medical remedies.

Here, guides are given on how to use some drugs and manage side effects. Also, the right drugs to use for some medical conditions.

I must, however, warn you. You need to demonstrate a practical knowledge and experience in the area of medicine and drugs administration.

Being a member of a medical entity or association that promotes best practice is an additional edge.

Several people out there are ready to invest in what will help them overcome the common health challenges around. Providing them with relevant information for overcoming these challenges attracts trust and patronage.

In fact, social shares and voluntary publicity flows alongside without any marketing expenses.

Infant and child medication and upbringing

The early stages of life for children is the most delicate and sensitive period.  During such early stages, proper care and attention are given to ensure proper growth and development. Unfortunately, most parents are not well informed on the necessary skills and medical practices to do so.

This niche, therefore, focuses on providing wholesome information, tips, tutorials and remedies focused on aiding parents, health workers and carers provide the appropriate response to infant and children.

In this kind of topic, you can recommend equipment for upbringing, domesticated aids for healthy living, and cheap alternatives to expensive needs.

Reproductive health

This sub-niche has equally become a hot shot to consider. Many people keep searching for solutions to reproductive problems. From impotency, weak erection, infertility, premature ejaculation, to stillbirth.

Bloggers with experience in this field tend to make it big. This is because solutions to these require huge sum. Those affected often go many miles to find solutions.

You have to demonstrate an excellent understanding of practical situations. This will convince visitors or subscribers to purchase the products and solutions you recommend.

Remember that reproductive health problems are sometimes unique to individuals and as such you must cover several aspects. Better still, focus on gender-based reproductive solutions.

Dietary and nutrition tips

Dietary and nutrition blogs focus on improving health using available natural and less expensive foods, especially for children and aged people. Creating a blog on this topic requires you to have experience in nutrition and dietary remedies that have been tested by several other persons.

Most of such blogs equally provide tips to either prevent or address obesity. Obesity is considered a health problem that many people fight to overcome. Many people search the internet for available tips on how to overcome it.

So, blogs with proven recommendations on how to overcome obesity get huge followership.

Solving health problems brings huge benefits. However, you must be certified or have professional experience in some of the sub-niches before delving into building one.

2. Fashion


Fashion is part of our society and no one is exempted from the trends in the fashion world. Latest fashion styles and products keep flooding the market and buyers never desist from patronising them.

Some persons prefer to read reviews of some of the products and the latest on them before making purchases.

Some others search for the available markets where to purchase original products and avoid wasting their hard-earned income on inferior goods.

Here, you can rely on affiliate programs to help them purchase the right products. Better still, sell your products or liaise with someone in the industry to sell his/her goods on commission using your blog.

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate what your fashion styles are. Your audience will be urged to try out some of the styles you recommend.

Most fashion bloggers make a hit via affiliate marketing, paid adverts, sponsored posts and staging events.

You can choose to blog on all available fashion topics or simply carve out a niche or a combination of niches to blog on. Below are some of the top sub-niches in the fashion world

Men’s fashion

This encompasses everything men utilise to look good. For example, shoes, trousers, underwears, belts, hats, caps, blazers, tops, and many others. The main focus of these blogs is usually on men’s fashion styles, product reviews and guidance.

Trending topics usually centre around the latest products from popular manufacturers such as Gucci, D&G, Puma, etc.

Women’s Fashion

We all know that women and fashion are inseparable Siamese twins. Every now and then, you hear whispers of the latest fashion. You equally discuss how fashion styles match a particular occasion or ceremony.

This makes this niche a lucrative one, especially if you’re an enthusiast. Knowing the various trends in the fashion world, getting acquainted with colours, names of materials, styles, etc. will give you an edge in this area.

Issues often discussed here include footwear, pieces of jewellery, tops, and accessories. You can increase your earnings via physical affiliate marketing with a fashion outfit.

If you own one, that’s definitely a shot for increasing your gains and promoting your brand.

Children wear

Who doesn’t love children, especially when it comes to their appearances? Quite a number of people search for children wears with an eye on quality. Sales often skyrocket during festive periods like Christmas, Summer, etc.

This niche provides reviews, prices, and quality tips on children clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Having detailed reviews on quality products will help increase your earnings.

However, you must be familiar with the different fashion styles and designs available for children. Also, you need to know the variations in sizes. Once you are able to nail a sizeable audience, you will start earning from your blog via available monetising methods.

General wears and accessories

This is one of the comprehensive blogging topics that combines all the sub-topics in the fashion and design industry. Normally, posts are categorised into many pseudo topics.

Individual bloggers might find it challenging managing this kind of blog, but collaborating with other bloggers, or engaging content developers will ease the workload.

Contents of this niche combine reviews, guides, and trending styles for individuals of all age range, sexes, and cultures. You can provide your readers with top fashion appearances for a wedding, seminar, etc.

Similarly, you can update them on the latest productions by popular fashion companies across the world.

Earnings usually come from direct product sales, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, direct adverts, and third-party adverts. The rule is direct, review products that you or co-author have used.  Equally, publish posts that are beneficial to your subscribers.


Every outfit deserves a corresponding footwear to balance things up. Creating a blog on footwear can keep internet users abreast of what is trending and what is useful for them to spend on.

Just like I have said earlier, most persons are interested in what others have tried and seen to be good. So, give them what is good and they’ll be willing to pay for it.

There are different types of footwear based on kinds, design, purpose, colour, material, location, etc. Your knowledge of the various categories of these products will be useful in aiding the choices made by customers.

You can sell your products or that of another manufacturer using a blog on footwear.

One thing is that you must give them reasons to go for what you recommend.

Make-up and Beauty

If you have experience providing beauty and make-up guides, then this is your niche. In this niche, bloggers, focus on the strategies, techniques, tools, products, and rules for maintaining a good appearance.

Ask beauty experts and you hear that it’s not easy keeping that wonderful look or appearance without any effort. Quite a lot goes into achieving that awesome feel most people want.

Beauty experts out there will be grateful to add to their collection of beauty arsenals as this will help them stand out. Individuals who want casual beauty tips will also be happy that your contents are providing the expected result.

3. Lifestyle

While some people combine fashion and lifestyle, I see a reason to keep both of them separated to allow you to understand the areas each cover. Lifestyle blogs feature contents on personal interests and the author’s daily activities.

The scope of these contents can’t be defined as they are basically dependent on the author.

Most lifestyle bloggers, take interest in writing about their activities, events, books read, travels, experiences, views on global topics, and many others.

Establishing yourself in this field requires inspirational contents that will make readers passionate. Your writing skills must be at the very top. This is not to scare you if you haven’t honed your writing skills. Most bloggers begin as amateur writers and learn from others to become good.

In addition to writing creatively, you must be familiar with happenings in your areas of interest. For instance, if one of your interest is movies, then you need to keep up with trending movies, discussing characters, and scenes that are of value to your audience.

4. Do It Yourself (DIY)

These are basically tutorial blogs that provide guides on how to accomplish a particular task, solve a problem or overcome a challenge. There are quite a number of DIY topics to create a blog on. What should guide you is the ability to display your skills from what you know in a simple way.

You can use DIY blogs to engage and maintain a large audience as visitors would find your contents useful to what they are doing or intend to do. Normally, the contents are presented in a simple that your audience will understand.

There quite a number of DIY blogs out there. However, those I have found to be profitable include musical instruments lessons, blogging tutorials, recipes on local and continental meals, internal décor, IT tutorials, among others.

This blog, bloggersVibes is an example of a DIY blog.

5. Social Gossips

Social gossips blogs deal specifically with what is happening in the social sphere. Contents are published to circulate rumours and whispers on trending social vibes.

Celebrities are usually the major target for social bloggers. Contents usually emphasise the lives of social icons such as actors, actresses, sports personalities, politicians, mass media hotshots, and many others.

Social gossip bloggers make cool cash from direct and third party adverts as they tend to drive great traffic, especially from social media. If you ever think of jumping to this niche, first, familiarise yourself with social media and top figures whose news attract great readership.

This will easily speed up the number of people you attract. For example, if you publish a post about Rihanna, you can share that post on social media with a commanding headline. This will attract many viewers depending on how you’ve been able to craft the headline.

6. Football gist


Sometimes, bloggers use sports gist to cover an elaborate niche and not just football alone. However, football is one of the most followed sports on earth and adorns a number of sportsmen some of which record millions of followers on their social media accounts.

Blogs on football gist discuss the social lives of popular football icons by delving into their interests, hobbies, holiday plans, relationships, among other topics.

For a majority of football lovers who had beat their chest to defend their dearest stars, they become eager to scan or read any posts that capture the details of the players they follow.

This becomes a great opportunity for bloggers to reach and attract a sizeable number of readers from the football world.

Aside from pointing the hand lens on football stars, this blogging niche equally cast views on popular competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, and top leagues in Europe. That guarantees hundreds of topics to write on every now and then.

7. Agriculture


Blogs on agriculture are also top hits. Many farmers need effective information and tips to improve their agro-businesses. This is currently on the upward trend as searches have increased in the last 1 year.

Agricultural blogs provide information on best practice, tools and implements, products, processes, marketing of products and overcoming common challenges.

Though there are a number of such niches, I have provided a few of them that have been profitable recently. These topics form the bulk of what most farmers search information on.

Animal farming

From rabbits, snail, pigs, grass cutters, fish, to poultry farming, no one wants to be left out. Animal farmers – both current and prospective – face a number of challenges.

These animals need security, housing, feeding, and healthy living. While some of these farmers are experts in their fields, others are either newbies or in-between the two.

Providing applicable information on any aspect of animal farming will reduce the cost of engaging professional hands.

You can provide simpler solutions to technical needs using your blogging skills.

Machines and tools

Agriculture, generally, requires tools and machines to accomplish some tasks speedily. Using the right tools or implements for the right farming operations improves productivity and maximises time.

That is why farmers search and purchase tools and implements. Whether it’s a knapsack sprayer, a mower, or more complex machines like a combine harvester, farmers need guidance in operating them.

Blogs that focus on this topic provide information on where to buy the best devices, and how to use these devices. This topic requires that you understand how farmers operate these tools. Alternatively, reach out to co-bloggers to publish useful posts on how to use and maintain these implements and tools.


This is another area of agriculture that anyone can venture into whether for commercial purposes or just for personal appeal. Gardening cuts across cultivating edible fruits and flowers. You don’t even have to be a horticulturist to develop a blog on this topic.

But, you need to know the planting operations – from nursery to maturity – for each of the fruits of flowers you write about. In addition, you need to know the simple tools for carrying out some of the operations. This becomes a means for monetising your blog via affiliate marketing.

You simply promote these tools and inputs for subscribers to buy and get a commission for your referral efforts.

8. Music

Talk of the trending topics among youths, especially, and music will receive the highest vote. Music forms part of our lives and music artists have become the little gods that many people follow and adorn.

Whether you want to publish gossips about artists, review songs, publish lyrics of songs, or create a music database for people to download, one thing is sure, you will receive great traffic.

A combination or all of the above will give you an advantage over other music blogs that offer a few of these.

First, you need to choose the genre of music to focus on. For instance, you can choose gospel, hip hop, rap, or simply go for all. Then, you must be familiar with most of the artists, their songs, especially new and trending songs.

Also, understand the trend in the music industry to determine and align your focus appropriately.

9. News blog

This is a comprehensive niche that provides updates on the latest activities across several fields, and regions. News blogs deliver regular daily updates and on-the-go publishing as timeliness is a key factor to consider.

While some bloggers define a particular topic to publish news on, others simply go all around.

Both approaches have benefits and disadvantages. Publishing on a particular topic can make your blog unique and increase domain authority. On the other hand, you will be limited to specific readers where general news blogs perform better by reaching a larger audience.

10. Pets

Hot Blogging topics equally extend to pets. People use pets for several roles, and so, they receive great care. Common needs include meals, anchors, wears, drugs and medication, and housing.

Pets blogs, therefore, provide information on several things that include; where to buy pets, the best species of pets in a particular group, proper housing for pets, feeds and medication.

Just like with animal farming, you can earn via affiliate marketing or by selling pets, medicines, equipment, and guides.

11. Relationship & Dating

Relationship & Dating

This is an important blogging topic that most youths crave for. Many are hurt by the shambolic nature of their relationships and wish things were right or they never ventured into one. Choosing to either provide relationship masterpieces or linking up aspirant depends on what you want to achieve.

It is advisable that you focus on helping people enjoy their relationships and making the right decisions before and during relationships.

Relationship experts find pleasure in understanding the challenges of their clients and developing solutions that will aid others in avoiding similar mistakes or becoming victims of the same problems.

On the other, you’ll need to understand the qualities partners must possess to strive in a relationship. This will ensure that the contents you develop are relevant. Contents must also address the challenges some of your audience face in their relationships.

The big bomb is that you’ll enjoy conversing with your audience while, simultaneously, earning from different monetising funnels.

12. Personal finance

Most people lack the necessary financial management skills to remain stable with their earnings. Because of the economic meltdown, financial prudence is needed. However, several people still find it difficult to adjust.

At the same, others lack the skills to generate self-sustaining income streams or starting a petty business with the little capital they have.

Hence, the search for guidance and information on personal finance and income management. Some bloggers are often of the opinion that you must have a background in accounting, business management, or banking to be able to provide relevant information. I have often responded that:

Anyone can start a personal finance and income management blog without the financial background, though that is an advantage.

We’re are managers of our incomes and finance – it’s about applying what you’ve been doing to keep regenerating your income and maintaining a profitable saving habit to your posts.

Now over to you!

If you read this post on Hot Blogging Topics, I must congratulate you on the time. Similarly, if you scanned through for sections that interests. you equally did well. But one question begs: What will you do after now?

I don’t expect you to be familiar with all these blogging niches, but there are those you can boast of. Now, it’s your turn to build a solid foundation for your next blog by choosing the right niche that will be of relevance to the millions of internet users.

Think through your options, goals, and resources and then cast your net to the right side and develop your skills to profitable earns.

It’s now over to you!

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