14 Business and Personal Benefits of Blogging

14 Business and Personal Benefits of Blogging

I often hear people ask why I blog or what gives me that drive to keep blogging? Questions such as what are the benefits of blogging or what is the relevance of blogging? Many people are curious and eager to know why people blog.

It’s normal to be confronted with such questions because everyone wants to understand what their take will be when they venture into a particular activity or field. Same with blogging. No one would love to venture into a business that will yield nothing.

I once had similar questions. I really wanted to start a blog, but I needed to know why people engaged in it. My search for answers led me to various ways of how to make money blogging.

Well, the truth is I wasn’t still satisfied with just making money because some people were blogging without any monetising feature on their blogs.

To me, I felt something else was behind their blogging career.

So, I kept searching for answers to my silent questions. I attended several seminars, subscribed to several marketing platforms. Though my thirst for blogging was not just restricted to the benefits, I equally searched for ways of blogging, the dos and don’ts, myths and legends, among other things.

By then, I had started a free blog on WordPress and another one on BlogSpot just to practice some of the things I learnt from others.

In the midst of all these, I got to find the answers to my question, the same you would have been asking:

What is the benefit of blogging?

Here in this post, I will describe in details how blogging is of great benefits to both individuals and businesses, both in the long run and short run.

One thing you should understand is that had blogging not been beneficial, the number of blogs would have rapidly reduced. Instead, blogging has transited into a career and main source of income for many people. The number of blogs has been on the increased since blogging started.

I would like to briefly discuss what a blog is and what makes blogging so popular.

What is a blog?

I know you would have searched for a bit of information about blogs and have found a sizeable description in terms of traits, history, concept, and strategies. So, I will go straight to the general meaning of a blog.

A blog is a digital diary that provides regular updates on a number of topics as chosen by the author – in this case, the blogger – to a particular audience in a reverse order with the latest updates appearing at the top.

According to Wikipedia,

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts).

Blogs are basically used to share information, express one’s thoughts and provide guides to users. They form a larger part of web resources and keep growing every now and then.

There are very different types of blogs, and they include niche, lifestyle, DIY (Do It Yourself), fashion, sports gist, health blogs and many others.

Successful bloggers consider trending and relevant topics before they start a blog.

Blogs have often been used interchangeably with a website, though there are slight differences between them.

A blog is a website, but not all websites are blogs.

Companies and industries sometimes set up websites to market their products, promote their brands and create awareness about their services. While some integrate blogs to their websites, others don’t.

Generally, websites have a static homepage compared to blogs usually with frequent updates making a blog’s home page to be dynamic. These updates are often in reverse order. That is, the most recent posts stay on top.

Similarly, because blogs provide regular updates, they usually have archives of older posts whereas websites – especially those without blogs – don’t.

It now uncommon to come across a website without a blog as most businesses now relish the importance of blogs.

Benefits of Blogging

There is no doubt, blogging brings lots of benefits to individuals and businesses, and has improved the way people present and use information on the internet.

So, let’s go through these benefits of blogging to help you get started with your blogging journey.

Individual benefits of Blogging

1.            Makes you a better writer

Content writing is part of the skillsets a blogger must possess to improve performance. Bloggers create and publish contents – mostly in text format – using basic communication and grammar rules to drive understanding.

The presentation comes in a simple and easy-to-understand manner to enable visitors to make the most of the information published. This equally requires that the author of the post understands how to use the right words in presenting ideas.

Though there are other content formats such as videos, podcasts and infographics, textual contents remain the most used because they are easy to access on blog posts.

Most bloggers start as a novice, having less or no writing skills at the beginning. But they soon improve and master the art of writing by studying and practising what is considered as best. In the course of using grammar tools such as Grammarly, most of us have come to blend into the writing “cult”.

So, blogging makes you a better writer as you become eager to improve your writing skills towards simplicity, clarity and relevance.

2.  Improves your research skills

At the very heart of blogging excellence, is the comprehensiveness and relevance of contents and information provided to the masses. Demonstrating mastery over a particular topic or niche requires a broader knowledge of core issues and those related to it.

Whether you are just starting or an expert blogger, staying fresh and useful via your contents is what you will need to keep your audience loyal and engaging. And this stems from proven views and practical applications of the concepts you discuss.

Truth be told, you cannot on your own assume such understanding, comprehensiveness of topics and mastery of global view of your niche. There is, definitely, something you must do, not only to master your niche but to keep up with changes and trends.

What exactly is that?


Yes! You need to research relevant and up-to-date information about the topics you write. Similarly, you will want to know others’ view about the very issues and fields you create content about. Research makes you be well-informed, vast and dynamic.

Serious bloggers do not take this aspect lightly. From quotes, keywords, ideas, data, analyses, trends, propositions and recommendations, we research every bit, ponder over concepts and test-run solutions to determine their suitability in order to come up with truly relevant contents.

As we keep doing this, we unwillingly develop an inner love for deep, intensive and quality research. We end up reading others’ blog posts, querying search engines, contributing to forums, sharing ideas on social media platforms, and improvising strategies to make blogging lively and rewarding.

In the midst of all these, we become research “gurus”.

Accept it or not, when you become serious and committed to blogging, you will become well-informed as a result of the zeal for frequent research.

3. Makes you a published author

Authors write and publish books to provide solutions, share an opinion, narrate stories or provide technical guidance on issues that others are much interested in. Becoming a successful published author requires popularity aside from ability.

People would buy your books if they are convinced of your skills and talents because no one wants to purchase a book that would not be useful or one that fails to address concerns. The process is usually a long one.

You have to write a publishing request to a publishing company, submit drafts upon drafts for review, sign a contract and do lots of other things before your book can be published.

Surprisingly, blogging has made many people become published authors with huge readership without the usual long procedure. Some bloggers now have several books published, highly rated and sold in popular stores such as Amazon.

It all begins from you learning the craft of blogging by writing good content, then combining the ideas from most of these contents on a particular topic to draft a book that helps others become good.

These days, I see a lot of books on Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Email marketing, Fitness, Reproductive health, among others. And most of these books are written by bloggers who started their blogs without much knowledge or and expertise on these topics.

If you do have an interest in becoming a published author with much influence and readership, blogging makes it easier, faster and better to achieve. No doubt, I have been developing ideas on my personal ebook that will be published.

4. Financial gains

Financial benefit of blogging

Argue or accept it, believe or not, blogging presents huge financial benefits. Ask any blogger and you receive the same answer – I want to earn money blogging.

Every blogger wants to make enough money from his blog either to complement existing income source or as the main source of income.

Think of any benefit of blogging, and financial benefit will take the front seat. Bloggers use several methods to monetise their blogs, increase earnings, make more sales and earn the financial freedom we all crave for.

Bloggers make money by using different methods that include:

In fact, the list is almost endless as there are several other ways you can use to make money while blogging. You can even come up with innovative ways of monetising your blog to earn recurring income.

Well, I wouldn’t say I have earned so much money from blogging. However, I have had a few trickles of income to supplement my career while introducing and sourcing for ways of growing into a full-time blogging career.

On this blog, most of my earnings have come from AdSense and affiliate marketing. For my other blogs, I have had other income channels to include product reviews, direct advert, and sales of physical products – phones and accessories.

I’m still growing my blog, but remain strongly encouraged by what I have seen so far. The more I concentrate and strategize, the higher the earnings.

5. Recognition

In the secular world, you hear people talk about stars, analyse the performance, life and achievement of somebody, and most of them have become street names as one can easily relate with such names.

The question you might be tempted to ask is, “Why do these people command such attention and recognition?”.

The answer is not far-fetched. They’re experts in their fields and offer what people desire to see and appreciate.

Once you’ve established yourself in a particular field via quality, standard, skills, and ability, people will become magnetised to you because you’re a resource and a well of ideas from which they can fetch or tap.

Just as it is with other fields, so it is with blogging. As you grow your blog business and become established on the nitty-gritty of blogging, your blog begins to exhume your skills and ability. In the nick of time, things become heightened and your expertise is projected to the millions of internet users.

Without much ado, you begin to see bloggers, digital marketers, content writers and developers, SEO experts, marketers and many others become familiar with what you do via your blog. They tend to reference your blog and posts, recommend others to you and relate to your achievements as a template for theirs or their clients.

So, you may ask, “Then what is the benefit of gaining recognition?”.

The truth is, you’re feeling it and would love to be recognised across the globe as being an expatriate in what you do. Everyone wants to be recognised and noticed by others.

But the benefit of blogging is not just in being recognised but in relying on this recognition to:

  • Develop a large followership and conversion on your blog
  • make more money blogging on ideas they cherish
  • Establish relationships to further promote your brand and maintain standards
  • Gain more knowledge in your niche by communicating with experience followers
  • Assess the satisfaction of visitors to your blog and decide on an effective approach to satisfy them the more.

Becoming a recognised blogger comes with several marketing opportunities for your business and yourself.

6. Network

Humans live and survive in groups since we depend on one another to polished our skills and become recognised persons in our fields. The more groups we are able to build and belong to, the greater opportunities of reaching influencers in our lives.

Influencers are those established in a particular niche with skills, experience and success in what they do. They are often well-recognised because of their expertise, innovations and followership. Blogging paves way for you to link up with influencers, both in your niche and outside your niche.

Aside from influencers, blogging generally allows you to meet, interact, learn from and share ideas with diverse persons. Some of these will be your followers and bloggers in the niche as yours.

I never can overemphasise the importance of establishing and maintaining a functional and effective network. It grants you access to innovative strategies to grow your blog, exposes you to what others are doing right that keeps them at the top, and opens your understanding to the things you are not doing right.

Away from the blogging grid, networks help us achieve seemingly difficult tasks easier and quicker. This is because we can rely on the gifted and experienced hands of others in the network to achieve our goals compared to when you try this alone.

Business Benefits of Blogging

I know most people would have thought that blogging is only beneficial to individuals. Unfortunately, the benefit of blogging has been integrated into business processes to boost performance and create awareness.

Virtually every business that owns a website runs a functional blog alongside. Do you assume it’s just for fun? NO!

Digital marketers have researched and understood the vital role of blogs to commercial enterprises. Hence, their existence in commercial websites.

I will discuss these benefits to enhance your understanding about promoting a business from the blogging point of view.

7. Increase in ROI

Every investor or businessman wants to see an increase in profits over expenses. An increase in the Return On Investment of a business shows how positively such business is growing as it measures the relationship between capital and performance of the various components of the enterprise.

No investor would love to see a decrease in ROI because it’s not a good outcome. It’s only an indication of a business decline which attracts serious decision-making approaches.

Though several ways of increasing the ROI of a business exist, blogging provides an easily-accessible way. From improving publicity, attracting more customers to influencing sales, blogging has contributed to the growth of businesses.

Marketers utilise it to boost the conversion rate of their companies and businesses. I wouldn’t say the era of B2B marketing passed. However, the rise of digital marketing and increased use of search engines gives blogging an edge over every other method.

These days, it’s not uncommon to see even small business enterprise take their marketing levels to the internet. Some use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to reach more customers and accrue more profit.

But none of these platforms boasts of returns as blogging. It doesn’t matter what you are trading – costumes, confectionery, eatery, etc – quality blogging enables a business to increase their returns over time.

8. Access to a large customer base

Every business enterprise needs a large customer base to grow and perform well. Without the right customers, production efforts are wasted and useless. Hence, businesses prioritise the existence of a customer base – as large as possible – that will utilise their products and services.

A huge sum of money is invested in promoting businesses and their brands to acquire customers – both new and old. This is done in the form of offline and online adverts, promos and coupons, issuing of discounts and many others.

The goal is to acquire and manage a large customer base for their products and services

A few steps ahead, blogging comes in and the game changes completely. This is because several millions of people use the internet every day, opening businesses to a world of free customers to tap from.

Internet users keep querying search engines on keywords of their interest and access results served up, most of which are blog posts. They tend to click on the top pages and eventually access information provided by the website or blog.

Through blogging, businesses can attract high and quality traffic to their products and services, whilst working towards converting them into subscribers at the same time.

The more organic traffic is being driven to the blog, the more the chances of building a rich list of customers using opt-in forms.

You can easily and within a short time triple your customer base by blogging on topics that are related to your business, products and services.

9. Competitive edge

The competition among related business enterprises is often at boiling points. Each enterprise wants to be the de facto entity in a particular niche. As a result, they use different and several innovative approaches to stamp authority and ensure dominance.

For instance, smartphone manufacturers keep introducing new exhilarating features to keep customer bound and loyal to their services and products. From the advent of touchpads, fingerprint sensors to dual cameras, the rate of innovation has been competitive.

Since it all begins with getting people to know and recommend your business, blogging grants you the competitive edge above others, provided it is rightly done.

Relying on the opportunity provided by search engines who receive millions of search queries every day, companies can use blogging to attract traffic to their products.

Now, the more internet users get to know and recommend their products and services, the higher they rank on the competitive ladder. A review of the various products and services offered by a business enterprise can improve users’ understanding and equally eradicate doubts.

Blogging has become a major consideration in business plans and proposals, both for the short and long runs.

10. Increase in sales

Blogging increases sales

Ask any investor of what they would appreciate in their business and you would be told that making more sales geometrically each fiscal year is utmost. For each financial year, changes inform business strategies and plans by the decision-making body.

A major factor that affects the number of sales a business or company makes in a particular industry is the number customers with effective demand. Having quality customers who are ready to pay for products and services projects sales.

So, the task is to attract quality traffic.

Quality traffic refers to visitors to a website or blog with a high conversion rate, most of which are purchase-driven. Though ads can influence this, the cost of running and maintaining them is high compared to blogging.

Similarly, ads targeting competitive keywords are often difficult to make returns on.

Through blogging, you can attract quality traffic to your website with a high conversion rate. This is because internet users tend to seek more information and description on products and services before expending money on them.

Using keywords with low competition and high search volume to craft quality contents brings the exact traffic you want that can be easily converted via the available conversion features integrated into your website or blog.

11. Reduction in marketing cost

Marketing is like the livewire of every business outfit. Businesses with good marketing strategies and approaches tend to make more sales. But that comes with a particular cost. That is not to assert that blogging is costless. Instead, it’s less expensive when compared to other marketing approaches.

Think of digital ads, use of flyers, banners, and concerts. They all come with a particular cost that small businesses, most times, wouldn’t be able to afford.

Since marketing is critical to the publicity of a business, it becomes necessary to identify less-expensive but effective strategies for marketing your products and services. This will prove lucrative for both large, medium and small-scale businesses.

Here comes the benefit of blogging!

With blogging, you can market your products and services to a large number of potential customers at a relatively low cost. This is how most companies have been able to reduce their marketing cost and equally increase profit on their products and services.

12. Build a loyal customer base

There is nothing as pleasant to a business as having loyal customers. Loyal customers will often patronise your products and services. Additionally, most of them go the extra mile to refer other customers because of how they feel or the level of satisfaction they derive from what you offer.

Usually, building a loyal customer base requires effective communication, on-point support services, delivery of quality services and products, objective complaint management, and lively interaction through comments and forums.

For an offline business, undertaking all these tasks requires enough support staffs – depending on the size of the business and customer base. During growth and customer increase, more staffs will be required to avoid stretching the available resources.

With more staffs comes the increase in expenses in the form salaries, training, among others.

The good news is that all these can be handled effectively with few staffs. All it takes is an online platform such as a website with a blog integrated into it.

Relying on automation, opt-in features, contact forms, complaint forms, comment sections, feedbacks, forums and many other online approaches, businesses can build a loyal customer based on a higher percentage of satisfaction.

Blogging allows customers to learn more about particular products and services, communicate their views and expectations, understand the adopted business strategy and get bonded to what is being offered.

13. Deliver customer-driven services and products

Every product or service is aimed at meeting the needs and demands of customers. Hence, the need to adopt approaches that are customer-driven. From digital to physical products, the satisfaction of users is of utmost importance.

However, in answering the question of efficient use of resources, the question of what to produce and for whom to produce must be prioritised.

Resources can be hugely wasted or misused should businesses fail to understand the little variations that exist in meeting customers’ needs as relative to seasons, fields, age, among other factors. And no business smiles at wastage or misuse of resources.

To further improve how products and services are created and made available to users, some businesses conduct market research and consumer survey on some or most of their products via email newsletters, media programmes and complaints sessions.

With blogging, the very little details users crave for in products or the services a business offers can be easily revealed via careful analysis of feedbacks, comments and reviews.

Content developers can utilise this means to create quality reviews on key products and services from which customers can state their interest areas, what should be improved, and what shouldn’t be featured in such product.

Similarly, subscribers to blogs can be invited to participate in surveys and product pre-production sessions during which they can share their thoughts on the features that they want to see on these products and services.

By doing that, product analysts can carefully look into the concerns, recommendations and views of users to determine benchmarks for their products and services.

Not only will this aid the production of customer-driven services, it will also boost sales.

14. Improve business brand

Another business benefit of blogging lies in how digital marketers have been able to use its features to improve their brands and instil authority. Though several factors combine to determine the global recognition of a brand, blogging has a gilt-edge advantage in making a brand go global.

Consider factors such as customer relations, product acceptance, referral and recommendation by users and publicity. These factors are critical to improving the brand of a business or product.

Now, blogging can take off much work by putting these factors into play.

Via blogging,

  • Users can be kept abreast of the key pros of a product and how to best use it. This enable them to grow a particular acceptance level for such product. The more users get acquainted with the products, the likelier they will refer these products to potential customers. Just like a chain or web, people will get to know this product and it features.
  • Several customers can be accessed locally and globally. That is because blogging makes these products and services to be easily viewed by internet users especially through search engines. The more blog posts rank high on SERPs, the better the chances of obtaining organic traffic some of which become subscribers and customers. These subscribers would willing discuss about your products and services on forums and social media platforms provided they were well-served.

Establishing a business with an authoritative brand that is globally recognised brings your way a lot of business benefits that every business would appreciate.

Summary of the benefits of blogging

Whether you’re blogging individually or for a business outfit, blogging has general benefits that can be used to our advantage. And this has nothing to do with business size or the nature of your blog, but how blogging can be of great impact to your online experience.

  • It’s a way of making money online I have talked about severally and it’s not a fallacy but the reality. You can earn a living developing and publishing contents on your blog to aid others become better. That’s what bloggers do. We share quality information and find a way to monetise the free services we render to both visitors and business outfits.
  • Blogging improves communication skills Whether you want to become a content developer, copywriter, a speaker – in webinars, or an author, effective communication is key. Blogging gives us the platform and environment to improve our communication skills – both written and spoken. With such improvement, you can take up any of these communication-related fields of life. You can become an author or most read books in your field, write for money on popular blogs and websites, and become a premium guest in webinars.
  • With blogging, customers can be easily reached and maintained as they get to enjoy and interact with the contents you publish on your blog(s).
  • Finally, bogging promotes brands and makes use recognised.

Take a step

To understand the benefits of blogging, you need to start a blog, whether a free blog hosted on any of the available platforms or a Custom WordPress blog hosted on a good hosting platform such as Bluehost.

This will enable you get acquainted with some of the benefits I have discussed above.

Whether you are starting a blog or just need information, it’s clear how beneficial blogging can be to individuals and businesses. Though the level of benefits depends on goals, strategies, niche, orientation and how well we understand blogging as a whole.

Assuredly, when things are rightly approached and implemented, success borne out of the benefits of blogging are inevitable.

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