How to choose the Best Free Blogging Platform for your Blog

Best free blogging platform

Most times, we get caught up in the mix of trying to decide where to start. We tend to ask questions such as, “What is the best free blogging platform?”, or “how do I choose the platform that is the best for my blogging goals?”

For beginners, it’s usually much of a headache. You can get confused by the very many reviews, comparisons and recommendations on the internet.

From WordPress to Medium, there are several arguments on which is the best free blogging platform to build and grow a blog on.

While you might want to try out other free blogging platforms, just like I did while starting, it’s advisable to understand what makes a blogging platform better than the other.

Most users talk about the hosting cost, user experience, scalability, community, among other factors. Whilst these might be crucial to choosing your dream platform, it is worth knowing that you cannot get all these features from a single platform.

Hence, you will want to choose one that is close to your goals and needs.