14 Business and Personal Benefits of Blogging

Benefit of blogging

I often hear people ask why I blog or what gives me that drive to keep blogging? Questions such as what are the benefits of blogging or what is the relevance of blogging? Many people are curious and eager to know why people blog.

It’s normal to be confronted with such questions because everyone wants to understand what their take will be when they venture into a particular activity or field. Same with blogging. No one would love to venture into a business that will yield nothing.

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How to start a successful Lifestyle Blog

how start a lifestyle blog

Lifestyle blogs are fast becoming recognised as a niche to stamping authority in the blogging world. Adding to the fact internet users find it valuable to learn life’s complexities from experienced figures, lifestyle blogs are climbing the popularity ladder.

I have had many people asked how to start a lifestyle blog, and I have often replied that the steps are quite simple. Many people assume it’s a heck of work to start blogging and have such have abandoned their vision.

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