Blogging Goals: Developing a Success Map with realistic Vision and Goals

Blogging vision

Whatever blogging goals you have established will (or should) depend on the vision you’ve set for your blog. Blogging can sometimes be difficult and at the same time rewarding.

However, to ensure success, you must start a blog rightly – establishing a foundation.

This foundation is borne out of your blogging Vision and built step-by-step by the blogging goals you set every now and then.

While you work towards your vision, getting started with the right foundation is very important.

The vast importance or benefits of blogging as supported by many bloggers can only be fully felt if things are righty carried out.

Just like every other life adventure, establishing a solid foundation informs performance, sustainability and success. Blogging is no exemption!

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How to choose the Best Free Blogging Platform for your Blog

Best free blogging platform

Most times, we get caught up in the mix of trying to decide where to start. We tend to ask questions such as, “What is the best free blogging platform?”, or “how do I choose the platform that is the best for my blogging goals?”

For beginners, it’s usually much of a headache. You can get confused by the very many reviews, comparisons and recommendations on the internet.

From WordPress to Medium, there are several arguments on which is the best free blogging platform to build and grow a blog on.

While you might want to try out other free blogging platforms, just like I did while starting, it’s advisable to understand what makes a blogging platform better than the other.

Most users talk about the hosting cost, user experience, scalability, community, among other factors. Whilst these might be crucial to choosing your dream platform, it is worth knowing that you cannot get all these features from a single platform.

Hence, you will want to choose one that is close to your goals and needs.

14 Business and Personal Benefits of Blogging

Benefit of blogging

I often hear people ask why I blog or what gives me that drive to keep blogging? Questions such as what are the benefits of blogging or what is the relevance of blogging? Many people are curious and eager to know why people blog.

It’s normal to be confronted with such questions because everyone wants to understand what their take will be when they venture into a particular activity or field. Same with blogging. No one would love to venture into a business that will yield nothing.

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